Captain Jefferson Sparrow is the son of Captain Jack Sparrow and an unknown pirate mother. He attends Auradon Prep and is a member of both the Tourney and R.O.A.R Teams.

Powers and Abilities

  • Master sword dualist - Jefferson is a master sword dualist, making him perfect for the R.O.A.R Team. He has also been known to dual without even looking while getting a drink of water.
  • Sharp shooter - Jefferson is a very good shot with his dual flintlocks. He also knows how to use muskets for sniping.
  • Acrobatics - As a pirate, Jefferson has incredible acrobatics, allowing him to get out of tight situations.


  • Losing those he loves - Despite being more sane than his father, whenever he loses a loved one he can become very disoriented, which can be used against him.
  • Becoming the bad guy - As he is a pirate, Jefferson fears one day becoming the bad guy. Because of this, Jefferson handed Ally and Freddie each a dagger in case he went down the Darkside as he trusts them more than anyone else.

Likes & Dislikes


  • Treasure - As a pirate, Jefferson has a love of treasure.
  • Freddie Facilier - The moment Jackson laid eyes on her, he immediately fell for Freddie, but decided to get to know her first, taking things slow.