carly is the daughter of cruella de vil and is the sister of carlos de vil she has a huge crush on urchin she is apart of the wreched gang along with urchin the leader and the members are 1.Marios gothel,2.Henry,3.Carly De Vil,3.Haley hearts,4.,5.,6. Andrew,cria,shrew and they love to cause mahem,trobele


carly de vil is a really clever and smart girl but also sneeky and also mean and arrogant and never gives up

physical appearance

she has white hair with black roots and fair skin and has a white and black checkerd shirt with a skull that represent the wreched with black pants and has a leather white coat with fur with a skull to represent the wreched and has white leather boots and has a fur braclet and has a leathet spike choker


  • has a huge crush on urchin
  • knew urchin scince 3
  • knew Hayley scince 5
  • hates her brother for leaving her
  • She dislike Urchin's Brother Skylar and The Shadow Crew.
  • She hated Silena Tremaine the Daughter of Anastasia Tremaine.