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Descendants 4 is an upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie and will premiere in the future. It has been written by Jordan Conner. The film will be directed by Kenny Ortega Kenny Ortega, who will also serve as executive producer and choreographer.


As the soon to be King of Camelot, Aaron (son of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere) decides that his first proclamation is to invite kids from the Isle of the Lost over into Camelot Heights to attend school. He had heard stories that the son of a very powerful villain had been locked away and kept secret on the Isle of the Lost. Malcolm, son of Chernabog, has been imprisoned due to his catastrophic anger issues and would stop at nothing to see Auradon's downfall. Aaron has found a way to undo the magic that has held Malcolm prisoner for all these years, in hopes that he will come to Camelot and attend school, but Malcolm has a different plan. Malcolm has assembled the toughest villains' descendants to help him out with his plan. As the new VKs arrive, Malcolm and his friends: Hayden (son of the Horned King), Gina Gothel (daughter of Mother Gothel) and Harley Hearts (daughter of the Queen of Hearts) concoct a plan to take over Camelot Heights by hypnotizing all of the citizens and have them do their bidding.


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Descendants 4's soundtrack will be released same time as the premiere of the movie:Soundtrack