Descendants 5 is a fifth sequel of the descendants franchise. It will be premiere in the future.


After the events of the fourth film. Nardo and Jed needed a new plan to get their revenge on Scarlet and the VKs because they know someone just who can help them to take over Auradon. And that's they went to see their best friends named Nukazaar the son of Nuka and Shred the son of Shere Khan. Meanwhile back in Auradon, Mal, Ben, Evie Carlos, Jay and all the other auradon kids that they have all graduated from Auradon Prep and they will start by having their own future happily ever after. Until then the barrier starts to break again, just then Mal saw Nukazaar coming out of the barrier along with Nardo, Jed,Shred and Nukazaar's pride and they have come to take over Auradon. Can Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos and Ben put an end to this new evil threat?


Mal (Dove Cameron) ​- the daughter of Maleficent.

Evie (Sofia Carson) ​- the daughter of The Evil Queen.

Jay (Booboo Stewart) ​- the son of Jafar.

​Carlos (Cameron Boyce) ​- the son of Cruella De Vil.

Ben (Mitchell Hope) - ​the son of Belle and Beast.

Uma (China Anne McClain) ​- the daughter of Ursula.

​Harry Hook (Thomas Doherty)​ - the son of Captain Hook.

Gil (Dylan Playfair) ​- the son of Gaston.

Scarlet (Kelli Berglund) ​- the daughter of Scar.

Nukazaar (Jack Griffo)​ - the son of Nuka.

Nardo (Bradley Steven Perry) ​- the son of Queen Narissa.

Jed (Finn Wolfhard) ​- the son of Jadis The White Witch

‘’’ Shred ( Karan Brar) ‘’’- the son of Shere Khan