Descendants 3

Descendants 3 (Rise of Scarlet) is the 3rd movie in the Descendants series.


Years after Uma and Dizzy joined Audeorn, A new villain and her crew took over Uma's old home and used it as there own home. Uma and all the other VKs end up having to save Harry and Gil from Uma's longtime rival, Scarlet.

Character list

  • Uma
  • Dizzy
  • Harry
  • Gil
  • Mal
  • Evie
  • Carlos
  • Jay
  • Ben
  • Scarlet
  • Candit
  • Tic and Toc.
  • Manicore Scarlet (Scarlet after draining Jay and Mal's powers.)
  • Kraken Maluma (Mal and Uma's fusion in order to save Audeorn.)


  • This is one of the movies that some characters used new magic.
    • In this case Scarlet transform into a manicore while Mal and Uma used fusion to protect the other students in Audeorn.
  • This is the 2nd time Uma became a octopus, But she was fused with Mal in order to become a Kraken.
  • This is the only movie to show 2 mystical creatures.
    • That is a Manicore and Kraken. Manicores are fusion of a Lion, Dragon and Scorpion. Krakens are Giant squids that can control the weather.