General Transcript

Descendants 5 is an upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie and will premiere in the future. It has been written by Jordan Conner. The film will be directed by Kenny Ortega, who will also serve as executive producer and choreographer.


A Year Later...after Malcolm's plan to take over all of Camelot Heights was foiled, a new VK has a plan set into motion. Bradyn Wolf, son of the Big Bad Wolf, had heard about Malcolm and his gang being "brainwashed", having turned against all things evil and joining the citizens of Auradon. This crime is Bradyn's FIRST priority. Bradyn and his pack plan to face this group of horrendous monsters that committed this crime head on, and help remind Malcolm and gang what being evil really means. Now it's up to King Aaron and all of Camelot Heights' students to bring Malcolm and friends back to the good side and thwart Bradyn's plan on taking over the throne and all of Camelot Heights.


The Descendants




Descendants 5's soundtrack will be released same time as the premiere of the movie:Soundtrack