Opening Title Sequence
Camelot Academy
Malcolm: Aaron, I've got a question for you.
Aaron: Shoot.
Malcolm: Why do we have to take a class called How to be Good 101?
Aaron: My mom's responsible for that one, just go along with it for now and I'll see what I can do about removing it.
Malcolm: *sighs* Fine.
Aaron: I love you.
Malcolm: Love you too.
Aaron: Good luck.
Malcolm: Mm hm.
How to be Good 101 Class
Merlin: Now I'm sure that none of you want to take this class, but it is the Queen's orders.
Gina: Do we even have to listen to her? I mean, Aaron is the king now, so shouldn't we listen to him and him only.
Harley: A kingdom must be run by two people, so until Malcolm becomes Queen, we get to deal with Guinevere.
Malcolm: I'm sorry, did you say that I could become royalty?
Harley: Well, yes, but not until you gain the trust of all the civilians of Camelot Heights.
Hayden: Shouldn't he still be in charge, anyways, since he's related to Queen Mal of Auradon?
Harley: That's not how things work, I should know, my mother was a Queen.
Gina: Emphasis on "was".
Malcolm: Wait, if I can become royalty then I'm really exited to take this class.
Hayden: Really?
Malcolm: Yeah, I mean, I get to look down on others...especially Grody Guinevere.
Gina: Yeah, that sounds more like Malcolm.
Malcolm: *laughs maniacally*
Merlin: This is gonna be a long year.
Gina: You have no idea.
Malcolm: I'm coming for your crown, Queen Guinevere.
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  • Jordan Conner
  • Chris Villain
  • Peyton List
  • Georgie Henley
  • Nicholas Hamilton
  • Idris Elba