Opening Title Sequence
Ruby's Dorm
Ruby: So, what's the reasoning for you guys coming to my dorm?
Hayden: We had a bit of a fashion issue.
Malcolm: Ya think.
Hours Earlier...
Throne Room
Aaron: We're having a very special guest from out of town coming in today.
Gina: So, why are we here?
Aaron: We're hosting a ball and I'm sure you guys don't have any nice outfits so-
Hayden: Oh, so you're just assuming things now.
Aaron: Well, I mean, since you lived on the isle-
Harley: You think we only wear trash.
Gina: Wow, rude much?
Aaron: No guys, that's not what I'm saying at all.
Harley: I've had enough of this.
Hayden: C'mon, let's go guys!
Aaron: *sighs*
Malcolm: Don't worry, I'll take to them.
Aaron: Thank you.
Boys' Dorm
Malcolm: I understand flashy things don't really suit us, but it's just for one night.
Gina: Col, he's trying to have us pretend to be people we're not.
Malcolm: That's not true and you know it.
Harley: We just don't wanna mess this up for you.
Malcolm: How would you do that?
Gina: We don't want to ruin things with you and Aaron by making a fool of ourselves during the ball.
Malcolm: You guys could never do that to me, and if you did...I'd join in! And I'm sure Aaron would too.
Harley: He's right though, we don't have any nice clothes.
Malcolm: True, but we do have a spell book containing a boat load of incantations.
Hayden: Ooh! Can I do the spell?
Malcolm: Sure, why not.
Hayden: *clears throat* From our heads to our toes, nice fancy clothes shall flow.
Ruby's Dorm
Gina: And that's how we ended up here.
Hayden: It was my first time casting a spell, I usually do well in potion making not spell casting.
Ruby: I knew this day would come, so I prepared something for you guys already. (pulls out a box from under bed, opening it to reveal nice fancy clothes)
Harley: They look stunning!
Gina: You're a life saver, Ruby.
Ruby: It was no biggie.
Hours Later...
Ball Room
Hayden: We look amazing.
Gina: Yeah we do!
Gina: And I love the spikes, great addition.
Malcolm: Let's rock this ball!!
All: Yeah!
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  • Jordan Conner
  • Chris Villain
  • Peyton List
  • Georgie Henley
  • Nicholas Hamilton
  • Sabrina Carpenter