Opening Title Sequence
Perry: It's been a long time, Col.
Aaron: They know each other?
Hayden: Yep.
Aaron: But how is that possible?
Hayden: Perry is a bit of a rebel sometimes, so he got sent to the isle a couple times as punishment.
Aaron: Oh.
Hayden: Col and Perry were the true power couple of the isle back then.
Julian: Of course they were.
Aaron: But what happened to them?
Hayden: Col stole something from Perry on his last day.
Malcolm: You aren't still mad at me, are you?
Perry: What? Pssh, no.
Malcolm: Oh, that's g-
Perry: I'm outraged!!
Malcolm: Listen, Perry, that me that you knew is long gone.
Perry: Is he? Is he really?
Julian: I don't think so. *folds arms*
Malcolm: Yes, and as this new me, here. *hands necklace*
Julian: A necklace? Really?
Perry: *takes necklace* Thank you. I also stole something from you as payback.
Malcolm: What did you take?
Perry: Your family's heirloom.
Malcolm: That stupid ring? Keep it, I don't want it.
Perry: How'd you get here anyways?
Aaron: It might've been the residual magic traces left from Maria's wand.
Hayden: do we get back?
Perry: I'm sure I've got a lot of trinkets that can help.
Malcolm: Great, let's go get 'em.
Perry: That's the thing, we can't.
Julian: And why not?
Perry: I'm kinda banned from Neverland...I made the Lost Boys very upset.
Hayden: Some people just don't change.
Malcolm: Clearly.
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  • Jordan Conner
  • Chris Villain
  • Nicholas Hamilton
  • Noah Centineo
  • Colin Ford