Opening Title Sequence
Julian: So, our only way back home is banned from Neverland.
Perry: Yep.
Julian: Aaron, can't you get your private jet here?
Aaron: I could, but the only way to get here is with magic.
Julian: Dang it!
Hayden: The struggles of being rich.
Malcolm: Right.
Perry: Since the Lost Boys are mad at me, can I come to Camelot Heights with you guys?
Julian: No way, we're not hav-
Aaron: Sure, the more the merrier.
Julian: Aaron!!
Hayden: We still need magic to get us back, though.
Malcolm: Yeah, and I don't have my spell book.
Perry: Then use that Malcolm charm of yours to "persuade" the Lost Boys.
Malcolm: I already told you, that me is long gone.
Perry: You say that, but I'm sure somewhere deep down inside ya is that same ol' Col.
Aaron: C'mon Malcolm, how bad can it be?
Perry: Yeah, how bad can it be?
Malcolm: *sighs* Fine, I'll do it.
(Malcolm walks over to the entrance into Neverland, where two of the Lost Boys were guarding the entrance)
Lost Boy: Can I help you?
Malcolm: I just need you two to look deep into my eyes. (eyes started glowing, putting the Lost Boys into a trance) Do you know where we can get some pixie dust?
Lost Boy #2: Yeah.
Malcolm: Where?
Lost Boy: Perry has some on him, in his pocket.
Malcolm: Perry!!! (the ground beneath them all started to shake)
Perry: Yes?
Malcolm: You had pixie dust with you this whole time!
Hayden: Wait, what?
Perry: Maybe.
Malcolm: Hand it over!
Perry: Ok, ok. *hands pouch*
Malcolm: (snatches the pouch and sprinkles the pixie dust onto the ground, creating a portal) Alright, let's get back home.
(Malcolm and the others jump down into the portal, transporting them all back to Camelot Heights)
Ending Credits



  • Jordan Conner
  • Chris Villain
  • Nicholas Hamilton
  • Noah Centineo
  • Colin Ford