Opening Title Sequence
Gina: Never thought I was gonna admit this, but I like being in a dress.
Harley: Right? It just makes you feel 10x prettier.
Gina: Yeah, it's really weird...but I like it!
Hayden: You look really good, Col.
Malcolm: Thanks, so do you.
Hayden: You're totally rockin' that flower crown by the way.
Malcolm: Thanks.
Aaron: There's my handsome prince charming.
Malcolm: And my dashing bad boy.
Julian: You know, these outfits aren't as terrible when they're on me.
Harley: Are you saying that we look bad in them?
Ruby: No...
Julian: That's definitely what I'm sayin'.
Ruby: Julian!
Julian: What, I'm just being honest.
Andrea: And that's always a good thing, but you need to remember to be more nice.
Julian: Says the one who argued with a squirrel.
Andrea: Hey, when you get hit by an acorn, then you can talk.
Terrance: Ok, are these leather jackets cool or what?
Maria: They're nice, but I'm also sweating like a pig.
Aaron: Yeah, how do you guys handle this stuff?
Hayden: Guess it's just easier for us.
Gina: And the isle being like -20 degrees.
Terrance: That must suck.
Gina: Oh yeah.
Hayden: Even colder if your father has you living in the basement.
Maria: So, where's the entertainment?
Aaron: The band should be here any moment.
Samara: We could perform.
Perry: We could?
Samara: Yes, show everyone how amazingly talented we are.
Perry: You're talented?
Harley: That's an understatement.
Hayden: Why don't you leave the performances to someone with actual talent.
Gina: Like Malcolm!
Malcolm: Me?
Harley: Yeah, you have a beautiful voice!
Malcolm: Um...ok? What song should I sing?
Gina: I was thinking a classic.
Malcolm: Which is...
Terrance: How 'bout Bad Boy?
Malcolm: Nah, I feel like I've sung that song so many times.
Hayden: Yeah, I even hear him sing it in his sleep.
Terrance: It's a bop, can ya blame him?
Hayden: Guess not.
Samara: Since Malcolm's got nothin', I guess I'll go onstage.
Perry: I'm not goin' up there with you.
Samara: You have no choice, you're linked to me, remember?
Perry: Dang it.
(Samara walks up onto the stage and grabs two microphones, tossing one to Perry; the spotlight is put on her and the music starts playing)
Samara: I'm surrounded by stars,

but they don't hear me wishing.
It's funny how a crowded room,
can feel so dang alone.

They can't hear my mind,
or maybe they're just not listenin'.
So I remind myself,
I'm better off on my own.
Been standing on the edge for way too long,
just waiting for the place that I belong.

Gina: (hands Malcolm his spell book, it was opened on a Humiliation Spell) I think this might come in handy.
Hayden: You wouldn't.
Malcolm: To Samara, I'd do anything. *eyes flash* For this girl my only wish, is that she can only speak gibberish. A little mean, yes I know, but humiliation is how things shall go!
Perry: I suppose to sing the next part?
Samara: Yes!
Perry: Oh, um, what're the lyrics?
Samara: Are you kidding me, Perry!?
Perry: No.
Samara: *groans* You're ridiculous!
Perry: It's not my fault your forcing me to do something I don't wanna.
Andrea: Boo, get off the stage!
Ruby: You're terrible!
Samara: It was a mistake having us linked. *snaps fingers* There, now you're free from me! Now get out of my presence.
Perry: With pleasure.
Hayden: Now, let's give it up to Malcolm.
Malcolm: (grabs Aaron's arm) I'm not doin' this alone, pretty boy.
Aaron: Hey, wait!
(Malcolm drags Aaron onto the stage, tossing him a microphone; the spotlight is put onto them and the music plays)

Shawty you're my candy boy, the kind with toys
Oh so good, baby out of this world
Look so sweet, fell in love with your curves
Everytime you speak, conversation like syrup

S.U.G.A.R, you ain't him
Oh, honey honey, put money on that boy
Let's keep it in the circle, you everything I deserve
Baby want your sugar, I'm ready to get served


Sugar! Oh honey, honey
You are my candy boy, and you got me wanting you (ooh)
Honey! Oh sugar, sugar
You are my candy boy, and you got me wanting you (ooh)

Ruby: Now this is true entertainment.
Andrea: Agreed.
Terrance: And they're couple goals!
Perry: Gross.
Maria: This has been a really great party.
Julian: Yeah, thanks for the idea guys, I mean it.
Harley: Anytime.
Gina: Julian being nice? That's a first.
Julian: Don't ruin this, Gina.
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  • Jordan Conner
  • Nicholas Hamilton
  • Chris Villain
  • Peyton List
  • Georgie Henley
  • Noah Centineo
  • Sabrina Carpenter
  • Mackenzie Foy
  • Lauryn McClain
  • Mason Dye
  • Colin Ford
  • Ajiona Alexus