Gabe Gothel is one of th​e main characters of the fanfiction series Descendants: Ways to be Wicked. He is the son of Mother Gothel.


Gabe is fierce and sly, a natural-born leader with determination and a wicked sense of adventure. He has a hate of Mal (for betraying the evil) and Uma (for being defeated by Mal and Ben), making a plan to when he and his pirate crew leave the Isle, they will explode the Isle to nobody send them back there again. Gabe cares a lot about Scott Taka and Camila Cheshire.


Mother Gothel

He and his mom don't have a good relationship. Mother Gothel always saw Rapunzel in Gabe for him being so stubborn, making her abusive with him. Gabe always stays out of home because of her.

Scott Taka

He is Gabe's first mate and his closest friend. Gabe and Scott are always up for mischief and adventure and Gabe's feelings for Scott grows everyday, developing a crush on him.

Camila Cheshire

She is Gabe's best pirate, allowing her to hang out with him and Scott. Camila can see that there is something happening between Gabe and Scott, so she tease them sometimes, but she is a great friend.