Hayden “Son of Hades”

Allies: Hart, Uma, Harry Hook, Gil, Bonny, Desiree, Gonzo, Jonas, Mal, Carlos De Vil, Evie, Jay, Celia Facilier, Squeaky, Squirmy, Dizzy Tremaine, Freddie Facilier

Enemies: Mad Maddy, Gaston Jr., Gaston the Third, Ginny Gothel, Anthony Tremaine, Harriet Hook, C.J. Hook, Maleficent

Phicical Traits: Dark Blue Hair Grey Pirate Leather jacket Cain’s & Belts Skull Keychain Dirty Lether converse Burned Edges on the jacket

Background: Hayden is the son of Hades, Hades thought Hayden was weak, and Hayden wanted to be a pirate. hades kicked Hayden out of he underworld to the isle. He and his friend Hart Left their parents and made a Tree House in pirates cove and took secret Pirate sword lessons tough by Harry Hook because they soon want to Be part of Uma’s pirate crew. Since then Hayden and hart usually play Go fish in Ursula’s fish and chips shop, they also Fish at pirate docks and help in sword fights when Uma’s needs extra help

Family: Hades (Father) Unknown Mother Mal (Step Sister) Hadie ( Big Brother) Uma ( Cousin) Ursula ( Aunt)

Age: 14

Hobbies: Fishing, Card games, Sword fighting, Building Engins and motors, Spray paint, Stealing, Pick pocketing, Swimming, Boating, Parting Heigh: 5ft 6in

Eye Color:Blue

Hair Color: Dark Blue

Gender: Male

Live-Action: Damon Clark