Hayley of hearts is the daughter of the queen of hearts the main antagonist of alice in wonderland she is the youngest daughter and she is the sister to Jack of Hearts,Queenie of Hearts,Roy of Hearts and she is apart of the wreched gang along with lead by the son of Ursula urchin the leader and the members are 1.Marios gothel,2.Henry,3.Carly De Vil,3.Haley hearts,4.,5.,6. Andrew,cria,shrew and they love to cause mahem,trobele


Hayley is a really selfish and arrogant girl and sticks up for her family and friends and loves her looks and she loves stirring up drama and and if something does not get her way she loses it a real hot head like her mother

physical appearance

pale skin blue eyes auburn curly messy hair with leather broken heart headband and one piece of a heart earings on the left and right red and black shirt and a red turn up leather zipped up jacket and ripped black leather pants and black short boots


  • she is jelous of carly because she knows urchin likes her and she likes him and tries to keep them apart
  • she has known urchin scince they where 3
  • she has known carly scince 5 and marios and henry sciece 6
  • she met urchin while his mother Ursula was at her mothers salon