Hemon is the Oldest son of Hades. He was ruler of the Underworld till he got the wand in Descendants 4: Rise of the Underworld.


After he was vanished to the Isle of the lost, he works as a grave worker before he became king. After Scarlet gained the chance to become a chimera, he gained the wand and became king of Audeorn. He vanished the VKs and AKs to the Isle of the lost. He gained control till Descendants 5: Scarlet's mom revealed.


He wears a black outfit with some rips on the shoulders and part of the leg, a necklace that looks like something from Egypt, and red shoes.


  • He is the 4th villain that haves a huge family. The 1st being Uma, second is Urchin, 3rd is Scarlet, 5th is Skylar.
    • He's the only Villain to have many unnamed siblings.
  • He's the only VK to never be reformed in any fan-made movies.
    • Although he was the Ghost of Wickmas Future in A Wickmas Carol, He's still considered a villain.
  • He was vanished back in the Underworld at the end of Descendants 5: Scarlet's mom revealed.
    • He did said he'll be back in future movies, but he'll never be reformed in future movies.
  • In an interview, he revealed that Mal is his half sister and Maleficent is his mother.