Henry is the son of Hades and is the brother of Hadie, Hayden and Hayley. He's apart of the wretched gang with Urchin son of Ursula and the head of the wretched gang. with Carly de vil daughter of Cruella de Vil and Marios gothel of Mother Gothel and Haley of Hearts daughter of the Queen of Hearts and they love causing touble with his friends and parnters in crime with Urchin and Marcus gothel since they were 3.


Henry is a very fiery, rude and hot headed person just like his father. He's clever, can get out of things, hard headed and mean. He is sometimes a scared of Maleficent. Him and Skylar have a Heatd Cousins Rivalry with Each other.


Henry is a pale skin. He have black ripped coat with no sleeves, a spikey collar, till shirt, black turn up shirt, black leather boots, a black leather ripped kind of looking burt shorts with a skull ring and also a skull necklace


  • He is sometimes scared of Maleficent.
  • Him, Carly de vil, Urchin spills Fish Guts on Skylar and Called Skylar Fishy just get him Mad or Angry.
  • Henry describe by Skylar to be Whining and Annoying
  • Him and Skylar has a heated Cousins rivalry with each other.