Jack of Hearts is the eldest son of the Queen of Hearts, antagonist of Alice in Wonderland, and older brother to Queenie of Hearts and Roy of Hearts.


Jack is a sophisticated young men. He always does his best to look like a quiet and mellow "gentleman", but don't let his neat appearance fool you! Inside, he could be as callous and hotheaded and vengfull like his mother.

Jack is also a very protective brother towards his younger sister Hayley and knows she has a crush on urchin son of Ursula and thinks that he is dume for not likeing her back evan though he does not know he does not know she likes him, although he does not like to admit it. Most of his actions are made in order to protect his sister.

He has an artistic side, too. He describe art as his own form of self-control. He would also paint whenever he feels stressed of nervous. And like mother like son, he loves to paint with red.

Physical Appearance

Jack appears as a tall young man with bright auburn hair and bright blue eyes. His wardrobe mainly consist of formal attires to match with his desire to look like a gentleman. His main colors are of red, black and white.


  • He considers Ben as an enemy mostly because he envies Ben's Royal status and how he is considered to be a real "gentleman".
  • He, along with his siblings, owns a hyena named Joker as their pet.
    • Joker is a descendant of one of Scar's hyenas.