Justin James Hook is the son of Captain Hook. He also the Younger brother of Harriet Hook. The twin brother of Harry Hook. The older brother of CJ Hook and Holly Hook, Sally Hook. Husband of Skylar. Father of Aquamarine, Hannah, Andi, Elizabeth, Percy, Connor, Stiles, Max Hook. He is also part of The Shadow Crew.

Powers and Abilities

Since Justin does not Possess any magic, But Like his twin Brother Harry, he to possess a number of skills related to Navigation and Piracy. But Now He does possess magic now granting by His Husband Skylar

  • Fencing - Being born as a Pirate, Justin is skilled in swordsmanship.
  • Sailor - Justin has shown to have a good knowledge about navigation, more than the owner of the Shadow Crew's Ship Skylar.
  • Immortality - Since Skylar bless his Husband Justin with Immortality.


Skylar, taunting His twin brother Harry Hook


Harry Hook flirting with Skylar, Ursula's Abuse to His True Love Skylar and Skylar's Brothers and Sisters, Being slap by Skylar's Tentacles on the head.


Sword, a Wedding Ring


  • Justin and Skylar are in a Romantic Relationship
  • Him and Skylar are Married to Each other
  • He is the Second-in-command in The Shadow Crew, along with third-in-command Garnet and The Fourth-in-Command Gigi
  • According to his eldest sister Harriet and his captain Skylar, that he is Bisexual


  • Auradon (Currently)
  • Isle of the Lost (Formerly)


Nickname and Alias

Dad (Aquamarine, Hanna, Andi, Elizabeth, Percy, Connor. Stiles, Max Hook), JJ Hook (Harriet, CJ, Harry Hook), The Siren's Lover (His Father Captain Hook), Son (Captain Hook)

Justin Hook and His Pets

Roles in Descendants and Other Movies

  • Descendants 1 (Cameo)
  • Descendants 2 (Mentioned by Harry Hook)
  • Descendants Wicked World (Cameo, Mentioned by CJ Hook)
  • Descendants 3 (Appearance)
  • Descendants 4 (Appearance)
  • Descendants 5 (Appearance)
  • Descendants 6
  • Descendants 7 (Appearance)
  • Descendants Wicked World: Aquamarine and Hannah, Andi, Elizabeth Hook Adventures (Cameo)
  • Descendants 8 (Appearance)
  • Descendants 9
  • Descendants 10






  • Wanted
  • High Hopes