Marios Gothel is the son of mother gothel is is the brother of ginny gothel he is apart of the wreched gang with Urchin son of Ursula and head of the gang and Carly De Vil daughter of cruella de vil and Haley hearts daughter the queen of hearts and henry son of hades he is enimes with mal,evie,carlos,jay,and ben,austin,brice and is archenemy with fred facilier son of dr facilier and has been friends or partners in crime with Urchin and henry since they where 3 he has a crush on Haley hearts


when he has his mind on something he never gets talked out of it and that can get him in huge trouble and he is dumb and mean and also very arrogant very rude and all upsest about his looks


he has a dirty gold wriped shirt with a brick red leather coat with a skull to represent the wreched and he has brick red riped shorts with black boots and a dirty gold braclett and necklace and he has red gloves leather and brown eyed black hair