Morgan is the Daughter of Morgana. She is the niece of Ursula. She is the twin sister of Meghan. She is the Cousin of Uma, Sophia, Skylar, Sora, Uzma, Urza, Urchin, Urnos, Sherri, Sea Witches and Sea Warlocks. She is part of The Shadow Crew. She is friends with Oogie Boogie Jr and Sharon Khan.

Powers and Abilities

  • Sea Magic - Like Her Mother Morgana, and Her Aunt Ursula and Her Cousins.
  • Cecaelia Transformation - Like Her Cousins and Aunt, Sisters and Her Mother. When entering the Water, Morgan grant octopus tentacles.


  • Her and her Sisters (Meghan, Mimi, Marie) are part of Their Cousin Skylar's Crew (The Shadow Crew)
  • Unlike Her Mother who hated her aunt Ursula. Morgan and Her Sisters got along with their Cousins.
  • She is the Cousin of one of Skylar's Half-Brothers (Jayden)


  • Auradon (Currently)
  • Isle of the Lost (Formerly)