Judith "Queenie" of Hearts is the oldest daughter of Queen of Hearts, the antagonist of Alice in Wonderland, younger sister to Jack of Hearts and older sister to Hayley hearts and Roy of Hearts.


Aristocracy runs in the family! Just like her brothers, Queenie is a total lady, but that doesn't mean she can't be tough. She is definitely more than just a pretty face, and don't think that's the least of your concerns. You might better keep your heart to yourself before she snatch it from you, literally if she needs to.

Queenie can get jealous easily once she hears about another girl who is better than her. She always seeks to be the best of all, and by all means, she would do anything take those ones who stands in her way.

Aside from her arrogance, Queenie also has a soft side. She has a great sense of loyalty, mainly towards her brothers. She can easily forgive the ones who hurt her, but she does not forgive whoever hurts her siblings.

Physical Appearance

Youthful and gorgeous, Queenie possesses a wavy and fiery red hair. Her eyes are green with a hint of the Devil's spark. Like her family, her clothes mainly consist of the colors red, black and white. As for her sense of fashion, she follows her family aristocratic style, often wearing fancy dresses and heart-shaped jewelries.


  • Her real name is Judith.
    • In the Paris pattern of playing cards, Judith is identified as the Queen of Hearts.
    • She goes by "Queenie" not to honor her mother, but just because she liked how Queenie sounds.
  • She, along with her siblings, owns a hyena named Joker.
  • She doesn't have artistic talents like her older brother, but she does love to appreciate art.
  • She know Skylar since they were little Kids.
  • She and Silena Tremaine got along with each other.