Rona is the Daughter of Remy, main protagonist of Ratatouille. She appears in Descendants 8 as a cook in Ursula's Fish and Chips.


She have light skin, brown eyes and white hair. She wears an Apron, a doctor mask, a chef hat, a lightest-blue shirt, blue jeans and black boots with a rat head and spoon on them. Her apron has a nametag on it.


She was born in Audeorn but grew up on the Isle of the lost. She works at Ursula's Fish and Chips with Emily (Daughter of Emile) and Gidla (Daughter of Gideon).


  • She's allergic to seafood. That's why we wears a doctor mask when cooking.
  • It's revealed that he's the 3rd animal kid that didn't had her mother's name revealed. The others are Tic and Toc and Candit.
  • In a deleted scene, she kissed Emily after slipping on a ice-cube.