Roy of Hearts is the youngest son of the Queen of Hearts, antagonist of Alice in Wonderland, and younger brother to Jack of Hearts and Queenie of Hearts and Hayley of hearts.


Roy is incredibly arrogant and loud. He loves to show off and seeks for attention. He'd like to see himself as the center of everything.

Roy loves to be with his siblings but have fights with Hayley hearts. Despite that, Roy would still stand on their side if something goes wrong, even though he never admits that to his sibling.

Physical appearance

Roy resembles his older brother Jack in many ways, mostly some facial features and the hair, although Roy's is a little darker and curlier. He has grey eyes with a small spark of blue in them.

Roy also follows his family's noble sense of fashion, as he usually wears formal attires, although not as neat as Jack's. The way he dresses is similar to Carlos de Vil's.