Scarlet is the leader of the Anirates crew. She had lots of hate toward Uma and her crew after they got reformed. She's reformed in Descendants 5: Queen Sia revealed. She's the daughter of Scar from the lion king series.


She's sometimes rude, Goth, ruthless, full of temper, furious, power hungry, and wicked.


She wears a tooth necklace, black fingernails, a Royal blue shirt, light-blue pants, and dark blue shoes.

Powers and Magic

She can use her tooth necklace to steal powers and magic from anyone that have it. She used it once to become a manicore after she took Jay's and Mal's powers. She can also use it to become a charisma if she got Billy, Ruby and Jay's powers. When in ocean, she can transform into a merlion.


  • Her original name is Scarla.
  • Her name came from the scarlet-red color.
  • She has a bit of a bitter relationship with her father sometimes.
    • Originally in A Wickmas Carol, she was going to call him King of Devils, but it was cut.
  • She appears in Descendants 3 as a villain, but was reformed in Descendants 5.
  • Like her father, she hates a certain song.
    • When Candit was singing "Let's take over the world", She interrupted him. Which is a reference to the fact that her voice actor hates Frozen for the songs in it.
    • She also hates Ugly sweaters.
  • In D5, It was revealed that her mother was born a merlion.
  • She revealed in Descendants 6 that she does have a sister and tons of brothers.
    • She did however, mentions having a half sister whom she never met.
  • She did confirm to have a windgo form when fused with Ben.