The Siren Song, is The Ability sing by Skylar, Aquamarine Hook. Skylar use his magic to make sure the Siren Song isn't the Threat to other peoples.


Aquamarine Hook's Sing

"Would you come with me? We'll swim the deep blue sea... Ahh, ahh, ahh..."

Skylar's Song

"Into the Sea Hold you close to me Slide 'neath the waves Down into the caves Kiss me, my love come rest in my arms Dream your dreams with me Slide beneath the waves Come to me, my love Forget the land Above."

Counter Version

"Ooh, Ooah, stay away from me Release thee, from thy spell Back to the land of life Spell is all but gone Now you're free."


  • The Only way to Break it is to Sing the counter spell.

Known Victims

  • Ursula
  • Maleficent
  • Urchin (Sometimes)

Known Users

  • Skylar (Founder/Creator)
  • Aquamarine Hook
  • Hannah Hook
  • Elizabeth Hook
  • Andi Hook
  • Percy Hook
  • Connor Hook
  • Stiles Hook
  • Max Hook
  • Sophia (Sister of Skylar)