Sophia Sapphire Alonso Facilier is the Eldest Daughter of Ursula and Dr. Facilier. She is Oldest sister of Urchin, Urnos, Uzma, Urza, Sherri, Sora, Skylar, Uma, Sea Witches, Sea Warlocks. Niece of Morgana. Cousin of Morgan and Meghan, Ariel. The Aunt of Aquamarine Hook, Hannah Hook, Andi Hook, Elizabeth Hook, Percy Hook, Connor Hook, Stiles Hook, Max Hook. She is the Older Half-Sister of Freddie Facilier, Fred Facilier, Celia Facilier, Desmond Facilier, Desdemona Facilier. She is related to Hades and Heath, Hayley, Hayes, Hades Jr, Henry, Eve.

Powers and Abilities

Sophia is extremely powerful being and she is very powerful than her Siblings.

  • Sea Magic - like her aunt and cousins, her Mother and her Siblings. Sophia can cast spells by saying "by the power of the Sea" like Her Siblings
    • Cecaelia Transformation - When entering water, Sophia can transform into a giant Cecaelia, a human with lower body of an octpus, 
  • Voodoo Magic - Like Her Father and Grandmother, Half-Siblings and younger Siblings. She possessed the ability to use Voodoo Magic.


Reading Books


Urchin picking on Skylar


a sapphire necklace


  • She is older than her Siblings and First-Cousin Hemon, Hades Jr, Hayes
  • Unlike Her Younger Brother Skylar, She very Skill in Chemistry and Math
  • Sophia was known as the Nymph by Everyone


  • Auradon (Currently)
  • Isle of the Lost (Formerly)


She is the Daugther of Ursula and Dr. Facilier, She has Siblings

Nicknames and Alias

Older Sister (Her Siblings and Skylar), Little Niece (Hades), The Nymph (Everyone on the Isle of the Lost), Sophia (Skylar)

Sophia and her Pets

Roles in Descendants and other movies


Sophia is a beautiful young woman, She has Black with Blue and Pink Highlights and Brown eyes, She also has brown Skin like Her Siblings and Mother, Aunt, Cousins. She wears leather pants and a leather light blue jacket over her pink and Turquoise shirt.

When She was at Skylar's Coronation. She was wearing a royal blue dress covering in Sea shells and a starshell on her shoulders and Her hair was braided, according to Hank the son of Hans that Sophia is the most beautiful Girl in Auradon and on the Isle of the Lost.