the voodoo croo is a gang lead by the son of Dr .facilier Fred facilier and the members are chris frollo son of cloude frollo and crain son of clayton and lester son of le fou and the son of pain peter and the daughter of panic paige they are a rival gand the wreched vs. the voodoo gang the gang bage is the voodoo cards


fred facilier and urchin where best friends and did a whole lot of mischief along side with Marcus gothel and henry and when they where going to prank Chris Frollo father Claude Frollo Fred did not want to urchin called him a loser scardie villain a disappointmint and then they got in a fight a physical one Fred pushed urchin in the water bad choice urchin is the son of Ursula urchin touched his shell necklace and grew his tentacles and grab Fred and got him in the water and got him to the half way in the water and then put Fred at the dock on the isle and kicked him and said I thought we where friends and now we are not we are enemies and urchin walked away with Marcus and Henry and Fred went home and was angry 5 years later he heard that urchin had a gang called the wreched Fred still upset of what happened with him and urchin formed his own crew he would call it the voodoo crew he asked Chris Frollo one of his good friends then asked then asked Lester son of le fou and then peter son of pain and Paige daughter of panic they are very furious at Henry for ditching them for his friends and they where the voodoo crew there hang out is the facilier shop


They're Allied with Fred Facilier's Younger Half-Brother Skylar son of Ursula and Dr. Facilier, When Skylar discovered what Urchin did to Fred his older half-brother, He was Furious with Urchin, so He went the VoOdOo Crew, and Announced he is going to be They Allied along The Shadow Crew (Members: Justin Hook Son of Captain Hook, Garnet and Gigi Twin Daughters of Gaston, Fred's Younger Brother Desmond Facilier, Silena Tremaine Daughter of Anastasia Tremaine, Drake and Dustin Clayton twin sons of Clayton)