The Shadow Crew are Skylar's Pirate Crew, They're the Children of Ursula, Dr. Facilier, Scar, Captain Hook, Gaston, Clayton, Claude Frollo, Shan Yu, Prince John, Mother Gothel, Madam Mim, Hades, Morgana and Other Villains. And Some of the Members is the Older Brothers, Sisters and Older Half-Brother, Twins Siblings, Cousins of Skylar.

Powers and Abilities

Since Some of them descend from Villains with Magic. Since Thanks to Skylar, They're Immortal now.


Their Captain Skylar Singing, Taunting The Wrath Crew


Chad Charming, Zevon


Swords, The Lost Darkness


  • They're Immortals now, thanks to Skylar's Spell to make them immortal.
  • Them and Scarlet's Pirate Crew the Anirate Crew, ThE VoOdOo CrEw, and Harriet Hook's Pirate Crew are Allies
  • They are the Enemies of the Cruelrates Crew, Nukazaar's Pride and Hopeye's Grasshopper Crew.
  • They remain neutral sometimes.
  • Some of them are Skylar's Cousins like Morgan and Meghan, Hedric, Mimi, Marie


  • Auradon (Currently)
  • Isle of the Lost (Formerly)


Skylar the son of Ursula and Dr. Facilier starts his own Pirate Crew (The Shadow Crew)

Nicknames and Alias

Skylar's little Gang (Uma), My Baby Brother's Group (Uma), My Little Brother's crew (Urchin), My younger brother's team (Uzma), Traitors (Sherri)

Them and Their Pets

Since all of them own different kinds of Pets

Roles in Descendants and Other Movies

  • Descendants 1

Known Members



Known Mascots